EvaHair wig Review

EvaHair wig Review

Wig & contacts Uniqso Review

Wig & contacts Uniqso Review


Hello friends! Today I’m going to write a review of the wig and eye contacts for Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the shell!

This Wig and Contacts is sponsored by Uniqso 🙂 They have a website here and a Facebook page here, so feel free to visit them!

Let’s do this!

1) Quality of the wig & contacts:
For Motoko I chose this super pretty light purple wig. It comes with a braid in the back of the head which, if I didn’t have to use it specifically for Motoko, I would’ve kept it just to look cool. You can find it here: WIG

This is how it looks, pretty accurate to the photo that is on display of their webpage, so I was very happy about it:

This is how it looks on their page:Untitled-1

Talking now about the contacts, I chose the “Twilight Red”. They are suuuper comfortable and they look exactly as the photo on display, red with the black perimeter and little spikes that make it look cooler than normal plain red.


This is how my eyes look with them, and you can find them here: CONTACTS

So, I did a little stylizing to the wig so it would look like Motoko’s hair, if you remember she has fluffy bangs so no big deal, some spray, trim, no braid (shame, I really liked how it looked with it :<) and ta-da! Here are the results with the contacts too!:

I’m so happy how it turned out! <3

4) The seller : 

Uniqso is so kind, they talk to you on facebook and email, they answer your messages and questions, and are always ready to help.

5) The shipping : 

I received the package in 1 week, amazing! But arrived way too early than I thought! My cosplay was not ready, but that was on me.

6) The price : 

The price of this wig is around $30 dollars on their website, which is suuuper good because quality, color, form was in perfect conditions.

The price of the contacts: $17.90 dollars on their website, also, SUPER AFFORDABLE, and more if you need like 5 more different red contacts! XD

7) Conclusion : AMAZING!

– Quality of the wig and contacts : 5/5
– Confortable : 5/5
– Accuracy of the item : 5/5
– Shipping : 5/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 5/5

Video review here:

Don’t forget to visit their page here: UNIQSO

I really hope you liked my review, more reviews are coming soon!

DonaLove Hair Wig Review

DonaLove Hair Wig Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to write a review for the Light Blonde wig that I will use for Android 18 from Dragon Ball. So the first photo is how I received the wig and the second is how I look after I stylized it! 🙂

This wig is sponsored by DonaLoveHair 🙂 They have a website here and a Facebook page here, feel free to visit them!

Let’s start!

1- The Wig :
The wig comes in a pretty mint box that I liked very much, a wig cap and a cute little pink brush that I will use forever for my wigs. The texture of the wig is super soft and full of hair, has 3 main hooks to make the wig more stable on your head + the most important is that the line that divide the fringe is super natural.

2 – The size : 

For frontlace wigs it’s very important that it fits perfectly because if not, the tiny net that is on your forehead will look funny, and you want it to look like it’s your own hair. This wig net was a little loose because when I make the hair behind my ear it was a little loose in that part so I have to glue it with my wig glue (you can also use a lash glue), but if you don’t need your hair behind the ear, you will be fine.

3 – Accuracy : 

The wig isn’t really accurate from the photos on the website as you can see there : the color and style are really different! (But they say they will change it soon because the factory took it)

Untitled-1o help, which make them a really great seller !

5) The shipping : 

I received the cosplay within 2 weeks, so the shipping is great! Just the box was a little damaged but OH POST OFFICE, I’m so used to you!

6) The price : 

The price of this wig is around $106 dollars on their website, which makes it ok for a front lace wig, a little expensive if you still have to stylize.

7) Conclusion : 

– Quality of the wig : 4/5
– Size of the wig  : 4/5
– Accuracy of the photo : 2/5
– Shipping : 5/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 3/5

So DonaLoveHair has tons of different styles (that I need right now). So if you like to get some, don’t hesitate to use the sweet code: NADYA to have a 8% off! 😉

You can also see the wig transformation on this video: Android18

Thank you so much and see you in the next Review! <3

Faye Valentine Bhiner X cosplay Review

Faye Valentine Bhiner X cosplay Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to write a review of Faye Valentine outfit from Cowboy Bebop! 🙂

This cosplay is sponsored by Bhiner X Taobao Agent. You can check out their website here and Facebook page here, feel free to visit them!  <3

Let’s start!

1) Quality of the costume:
The cosplay: No front Lace wig (in the anime she looks like she has her hair stylized backwards and if you don’t have a frontlace wig or if you don’t know how to stylize the wig you will be in trouble. The shorts with suspenders, the blouse and a little red fabric. I mean Faye doesn’t wear lots of accessories, but I had to make the headband with a yellow fabric that matches the costume and buy the nude tights.

A – The fabrics:
The outfit is overall made of polyester (like most cosplays you can find on internet cosplaystore)

B – The shape:
I have big butt so the shorts were a little tight, like very straight, I really wish it was a little loose so I can walk comfortably, so I had to arrange it myself (but I usually do it for cosplays that I didn’t make myself, because everyone has a different body, so I understand that it won’t 100% fit me)

C – The details:
Overall I like the costume, but I did not like the red fabric, she wears a red sweater.

2) The seller: 

Bhiner is a very kind seller, they have great communication (mostly on Facebook). They answer to your messages and questions everyday (except on the weekends), and are always ready to help, which makes them a really great seller!

3) The shipping: 

This part was a little sad, I received the cosplay in two months, so if you are in a hurry you will be in trouble!

4) Conclusion: 

– Quality of the cosplay : 3/5
– Size of the dress and the accessories  : 3/5
– Accuracy of the cosplay : 4/5
– Shipping : 3/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 4/5

Overall : 14/20 

I hope you liked my review, more reviews are coming soon! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

Ttdeye Lenses Review

Ttdeye Lenses Review

Colorful eyes, I love you!


Hello everybody! Today is contact lenses time! If you’re a cosplayer, you NEED tons of color on your eyes, and not just that, you will like to have the perfect variation of colors because even if Motoko Kusanagi has red eyes and Lilith Aensland, as well, one character is cute and the other is bad ass! so you want to have that expression on your look.

My original eye color is hazel, so you can have an idea of how I look like, they are not too dark but no too bright.

This time ttdeye sent me these two type of blue eyes that I think are suuuper different in their own way, even if the color is very similar, the texture of the iris looks way different.

First the model: Crystal Ball Blue II

They are 14mm and a light blue.

I usually wear 15mm+ diameter on contacts so my eyes look bigger, but because I want my eyes to look natural on the TV show, I need some of those to make a little light on my eyes without looking like an anime character and, as you can see in the picture, they look amazing.

Second model: Magic Blue

They are 14.5mm and a light blue, as well.

These kind of lenses are the ones I love the most! I have them in almost all colors because it’s a solid color and what you want is to look as much as the character as possible. They are comfortable because they are big enough to make the illusion of doll eye.

I completely recommend these contacts for your costumes because they make your eyes looks way bigger and the color stays the best way.

☆ Quality: 5/5

☆ Color: 5/5

☆ Comfort: 4/5

☆ Shipping: 5/5

So if you like this, go visit TTDEYE! They have an immense catalog of different colors and styles! <3


EverydayWigs Review

EverydayWigs Review


Looking for the perfect wig to make Terra from Final fantasy 6. It’s hard to find a made one because of the ponytail BUT! I found the perfect color and because it’s a front lace, it would look natural! Also I can make Nel from Bleach or Samus – Justin Bailey… So many options… ANYWAYS! I chose this one for Terra!

So first of all, the wig arrived super fast! So if you are going to a convention and you forgot/don’t have your wig on time, they can take care of it!

Second and very important, The wig is just amazing amazing! It’s soft, the color is bright (light green). The fibers feel nice and smooth and even if you have a bigger head there shouldn’t be any problems with putting this wig on or wearing it for a few hours since the cap size is quite big!

The fibers are also heat resistant! If you need to, you can easily use a flat iron for styling and/or untangling this wig, and they give you as a gift a cute little brush and two wigcaps!

And after all, if you are now looking for a green wig (I like colorful hair <3) you can find all kind of colors and styles SO! Check it out on their store here: EverydayWigs IWANTTHEMALL <3

☆ Quality: 5/5

☆ Shipping: 5/5

Don’t forget to use the code NADYA to get *8% off your purchase!

If you want to buy this wig you can find it here: LightGreen

For more wigs, please visit: EverydayWigs

I did a video review here: Video

Cosplay Review – Ann Takamaki CosplaySky

Cosplay Review – Ann Takamaki CosplaySky


Costume Review Time!

As a lot of you know, nowadays I don’t have as much time as I had before on the cosplay making, so I started looking at cosplay pages that I could find the cosplay I wanted already made, but always worried about the quality. If you are a cosplayer you know that you will wear that costume the entire day, walking in the convention doing photos and more, so it’s very important that it just doesn’t look good but that it’s resistant… Anyways.. I FOUND IT! Cosplaysky is an amazing store, always doing their job when it comes to cosplay making and if there’s a new game/anime they have the cosplay ready for you! AND very important, AFFORDABLE! They are now one of my favorite cosplay suppliers!

Now with the hype of Persona 5 I got to pick this gorgeous cosplay of Ann Takamaki and I could not be happier with it! Fabric, details and the wig were just perfect!

The wig has yet to disappoint, these fibers are super smooth, easy to brush out, and thick! Not to mention, the wig caps are nicely sized for my bobble head!

I really recommend this site for any cosplayer or wig enthusiast. They have great prices, deliver on time and you get your moneys worth.

But if you want to save even more… use the coupon code “Nd15” at checkout for a 15% discount! <3

You can find this cosplay here: https://goo.gl/F4MTXK

And more cosplays here at Cosplaysky: https://goo.gl/UeC3Ls

L-email Wig Morrigan Review

L-email Wig Morrigan Review


Hello friends,

This time I’m here to talk about L-email Wigs.

This company offers cosplay wigs and costumes with great quality and tons of different style, so if you’re looking for something in specific this place can be super useful for you.

For my Morrigan Aensland wig I choose the 100cm Super Long Aqua Anime. This was a tough choice because this character changes her hair color like all the time, and every artist draws her with different blue/green hair, so I based my choice on the design of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Shipping was super fast, less than a week, the wig net is adjustable and comfortable to wear it stretches easily so that it can fit every head size,  The bang is quite long, and gives wide freedom of adaptation to different face shapes before I cut it to make it look like Morrigan’s hair and the best part is that I’ts a lot of hair so there’s no part in the head where you can see your own hair or the net.


I’ve always liked this character and the Darkstalkers game in general, so I’m planning on doing all versions of her, starting with the Nurse one.

In conclusion,
The wig is super great product. If you’re looking for a wig to cosplay Morrigan but can’t decide on which one to buy, this one reveals to be a really good option, it’s also very affordable.

You can find it here : L-emailwig

I hope this review helps you make the right decision for your Morrigan wig!

For my video review click here: MorriganVid

For more cosplay wig options here: L-emailwigstore



Leggings with Space Print

My name is Nadya and I’m addicted to the leggings…

Before I talk to you about leggins, specifically those with space prints, I’ll give you a quick explanation about the history of this clothing article. Did you know they were originally made for me?
As odd as that may sound, in the 19th century, they were used by knights to avoid snake bites and ticks. Later it evolved and used by the military to protect the soldier’s legs. It wasn’t until the 70’s that a designed named Patricia Field created the leggings as they are today.
If you love Star Wars, Mass Effect, Metroid and like to use clothing with the same theme, you can now combine your favorite sci-fi shirt and use it was leggings that have space prints that have cosmos or a galaxy. Create the perfect outfit!

Now, you may be asking yourself, such a comfortable and versatile clothing piece has no downsides? Well… technically they aren’t “downsides”, but they do have some inconveniences that can be avoided with the following tips:

  • Always try to buy a size bigger, otherwise the print can stretch and lose its color.
  • Focus on darker colors, even though it doesn’t sound right, you’ll be able to show off your curves more.
  • Vertical lines are your friends. These type of lines makes your figure look better.
  • Mix them with long blouses or a skirt.

Brands like Black Milk, Hot Topic and others, gives us a huge spacial variety. And now you know where to find those leggings that you long for and add them to your wardrobe!

Hot Topic:

Black Milk Clothing: