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Amane Misa

Death Note is well known around the entire world and as a reader of the mange, I fell in love with it!

My Amane Misa cosplay is based on her first appearance in the manga, when she’s walking in the street with her little bag with vampire wings. This character has dark/rocker tendencies which are noted by her two pigtails and blonde hair, even more characteristic in Death Note!

As this was one of my first cosplay, I still didn’t know how to sew well, so my good friend, Sara Kei, helped me out! I learned so much from her! Photos were taken by my friends Alukandra and German Ribota in the UACJ IADA in Ciudad Juarez. This is where I met German for the first time!

PS: Bokura kira janai! (Dialogue repited by Light 10,000 times in the anime) 😛