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Poison Ivy

Pamela Isley, or better known as Poison Ivy, is one of the most enigmatic villains of the famous comic, Batman.

This cosplay is very detailed, even though it might not look like it! It took me two months to sew together all the leaves and for them to look just right. The base cloth was very hard and my fingers suffered. :< There was a time when I entered my workshop and saw the leave, flower and vine disaster and I just wanted to run away! But I finished it. Mission accomplished! 😀 I used this cosplay for the first time in EPCON 2011, accompanied with my friend Omar Camargo (Riyi) as the Riddler. We were a very green and mean pair! >:D

This photo session was done with Lu Guevera and, I dare to say, we planned it for months. When the day finally arrived and went to her studio, I received a surprised! She either played Jumanji or planted an entire garden! There were plants everywhere! We took quite a while arranging everyone for the session. We were also accompanied by Miguel Guevara, who took care of the illumination, and Ika Tsuda that recorded a behind the scenes video.

You can view the video here: Behind the Scenes