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Ann Takamaki Cat Cosplay Miccostumes review


Hi friends! Today I’m going to write a review of my new Ann Takamaki Cat outfit from Persona 5!

This cosplay is sponsored by Miccostumes ? They have a website here and a Facebook page here, feel free to visit them!

Let’s start!

1) Quality of the cosplay:
The cosplay includes : the mask, the gloves, the jumpsuit, the tail, the whip, the socks. I wanted to do this cosplay so bad for so long that that I had high expectations for this cosplay!

A – The fabrics:
The outfit is overall made of shiny spandex so the whole costume is super warm after wearing a couple of hours, I have a weird body so I have to make it a little more small on the legs and on the hip area, all the other areas were pretty good for my body in a Small (very tight).

B – The shape:
For the catsuit, I mean the whole idea is to have the costume almost as tight on your skin so you can’t breathe! And it works! I ordered a small and I just had to make some adjustments on the legs and the hips, everything else fit perfectly… (and I understand that it won’t 100% fit me).

C – The details:
Overall I like the cosplay itself, as you can see the details here:

The mask is a little too big for my face but still looks pretty good, the whip is dangerous! XD Don’t let people play with it if you go to an event because you can kill with it!


2) Accuracy of the outfit: 

The cosplay is very accurate to the photos on the website as you can see there:


3) The seller: 

I really like Miccostumes! They are always kind in their emails/chat and they show lots of interest if you are happy with your cosplay and that makes me feel loved and that they care about me! <3

4) The shipping: 

I received the cosplay within 1 month, so the shipping is ok! The cosplay wasn’t damaged at all, everything in its place! you have to make sure is on stock so you don’t have my problem.

5) The price: 

The price of this Cosplay is around $90 dollars in their website, I think the price is super good for a complete cosplay and with this quality + the wig, it’s very affordable, if you have the specs go for it!

You can find this cosplay HERE

– Quality of the cosplay : 5/5
– Size of the dress and the accessories  : 4/5
– Accuracy of the cosplay : 5/5
– Shipping : 4/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 5/5

I really hope you liked my review, more reviews are coming soon so don’t hesitate to tell me what you think!

See you soon ! <3